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Work With Us




    There are several ways you can work with Dr. Dave.  Whether it

is a one on one consult you are looking for, or a talk or seminar for your team, group or organization we can support your needs.


    Our group presentations, half day and full day seminars focus on creating greater group cohesion and agreement, increasing productivity in the workplace or how to strengthen existing relationships and form lasting new ones.  


    For those seeking to work with Dr. Dave on a one on one basis please contact us for more details on how we can best support you.



    Dr. Dave works with individuals on a one on one basis in the

following areas:


-Leadership Training


-Relationship Building


-Test Taking Anxiety


-Learning Disabilities (case by case basis)


-Weight Loss  Support


-Naturopathic Health Consulting (Get to the root of why your sick)




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