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    This content rich, power-packed, little book is a quick read at 50 pages; and is designed to redeem your time, and combat your stress level. Giving you tools that you can use right away, to see lasting change now, and in the future.

Key points that you can expect to find covered:


•    How deeply stress affects us; what it looks like & how to identify it  

     and  keep it out of your life


•    How to handle & release stress properly


•    How toxic our emotions can be, and the importance of dealing    

      with negative emotions & experiences right away


•    How important it is to protect your heart


•    How to recognize toxic relationships: exchanging negative ones  

     for positive ones


•    How to apply these principles to enjoy your life & live it to the  

     fullest in your God given gifting

    In "The Heart First Aid Kit", Dr. Dave will show you the correlation in how matters of the heart directly effect, and impact, the health and overall wellness of your body.

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