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“The methods and technology Dr Dave uses has been able to quickly pin point and address problems with my thyroid and adrenals.  Now I am not tired and do not need to take any more naps.” Marilyn


“I have struggled with my health for  almost 11 years with no relief of any kind until I met Dr. Craig.  I had been to 31 different kinds of doctors and those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I had no relief or help of any kind until I found Dr. Craig.  Before him I struggled with deep overwhelming  depression, extreme fatigue, pain, light headedness, shortness of breath, and  insomnia.  Within

a few short months I began to see improvements in my overall health.  

I credit these quick  results to Dr. Craig

as well as his use of electrodermal

screening to illuminate the root of

my issues.” 



“Since I have been working with Dr. Craig my health has improved immensely.  After seeing how his methods and use of technology has worked I would not choose to see a    naturopath that did not use this method. I would also say that Dr. Craig is very educated and knowledgeable in the use of this equipment and in his profession.”  LaRee

“My son had been dealing with Eczema his entire life. Out of concern for our son, my wife and I had consulted several doctors but none of their prescriptions addressed the cause of the outbreaks. After a brief inquiry, Dr. David was able to pinpoint the underlying root which was causing the symptoms. We followed his simple instructions, and I am pleased to report that the eczema began to dissipate and eventually completely disappeared. Thank you, Dr. Dave!”


“Now at 36, I have been on a search for over 13 years to find answers, as to why I was so sick, tired, run down, could not function, and did not have the level of energy as those around me. I am so thankful that my path crossed with Dr. Dave! Electrodermal Screening saved my life – literally! I am finally on my way to wholeness and total healing after 13 years of seeing MANY doctors, seeing much money go down the drain, many things tried and failed. You will not regret entrusting your path of Wellness and Healing to his care. I am thankful daily that I did!”   Jill