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 Stress Weight Loss and Toxic Emotions


        There is no debate that Humans beings are at the top of the ladder and the most advanced animal created. We humans have been gifted with being made in Gods image.  We boast self-awareness, high intelligence and high capacity for learning.  We have tremendous capacities for love, caring, and deep feeling that exceed the capacity of any other creature.  In short we can do anything we set our minds to.


       It is sad that with all this wonderful gifting many of us unknowingly choose to waste it, choosing instead to hang onto past disagreeable occurrences that cause us stress.  These past disagreeable occurrences or offences lead us to another thing that separates us from the animals. How we choose to handle stress. The zebra or elk for example out on the plains of Africa that gets chased by the lion may go thought 3 minutes of stress to escape. Once the animal escapes, the stress is over. The zebra does not hold onto the stress of the chase, or the escape continually reliving it and staying in a state of stress.


   As humans we have free will but all too often hang onto and agonize over stress.  We stress and lose sleep over the mortgage, the kids college, what someone said about us, to use a few common examples.  Stressors are always things we feel are out of our control.  So unlike the zebra being stressed for 3 minutes then letting the stress go as it should be, we the smarter more advanced humans hang onto the stress letting it spew toxic chemicals that continually eat at our organs like acid, destroying our genes and causing us to age prematurely.


    During the process of chronic stress we see energy that would normally be devoted to maintaining a strong immune system and healthy metabolism instead get rerouted to support the chronic stress.  This results in frequent colds, unexplained sickness and low levels of wellness.  We can see major shifts in hormone cycles, sex drive and fertility.  Face it the body is still thinking it is running from the lion.  It is not worried about sex, normal hormones and cycles, having children, healing your body from wear and tear, or protecting your body from harmful organisms especially the organisms that can upset digestion and cause ulcers and chronic fatigue syndrome.


    When our bodies are under chronic stress we produce vast amounts of negative emotions. These emotions then convert to toxic metabolites whizzing around inside the body to eventually get stored up.  Being the body is under chronic stress

it is not worried about healthy metabolism and more importantly does not have the resources to flush these toxic

metabolites out.  These toxic metabolites deposit and add up in fatty stores contained in the trunk, waist, hips,

thighs and back.

Genesis 11:6