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Stress Weight Loss and Toxic Emotions


    These fats are highly toxic and the body does not want to touch them.  So these fats are very hard to loose with just exercise and diet alone.  Then since the body is not as compartmentalized as we like to think and fatty cells also act like shock absorbers for organs and tissues.  These fats full of concentrated toxins can break open on movement bathing the tissues in more toxic chemicals further adding to the aging process and resulting in muscle and joint pain.  This has been seen in animal studies over the last 30 years. We have even found in studies done on parents under the extreme stress of caring for a disabled child that the body of the stressed parent ages 6 times faster from the added stress. These numbers have also been repeated exactly in primate studies.  That number adds up to aging 6 years in 365 days.


       One cause of stress is a feeling of lack of control.  This lack of control makes us fall into the trap no it is a minefield of maladaptive thinking that will wire our very nervous system to thinking this stress is normal and in turn providing us a short term subconscious emotional reward from the very stress we consciously hate. This creates a deadly cycle all without our knowing.  Some would define this as a mental stronghold. This process creates thinking that tells us if we are not worrying and fretting on the stress day and night we are somehow giving up control.  That is a lie that is keeping us from sound thinking.  A lie that is truly keeping us in the stress and a lie that is allowing intimidation and fear of losing control to keep the stress alive.  

     All that is being accomplished by this cycle is the damage of our building blocks, our DNA, resulting in damage to our nerves, blood vessels, organs and joints.


    We further see the destruction of our health and packing on toxic pounds for we either refuse too or commonly have forgotten how to let go of the stress because it has become such a part of us  causing us to live shortened lives filled with fear, intimidation, worry and unforgiveness.


    Remember worry is prayer in reverse.  When you meditate on your worries' you’re closer to making the things you are worried about happen.  Remember it also takes the same energy to think positive as it does to think negative.  The negative brings with

it weight in the form of pounds as well as oppression of our very spirits.  


     I have seen the cycle over and over countless times. Until whatever stress is making the weight is let go, there is the

manifestation of physical weight and low levels of wellness. Once the stress is given up and let go and lifestyle changes

are made, within six months the weight usually comes down and health improves.  


    Living in freedom and free from the worries of stress motivates and challenges us to grow beyond our potential.

Living in stresses controls, stagnates and strangles us moving us out of grace and then sowing fruit that is not of God.

1 Peter 5:7

2 Timothy 1:7