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Stress and Learning



    The best way to retain information is to study little by little, daily reviewing and building one day’s worth of material onto the next.  This makes strong memories and eliminates much of the stress that causes the brain to go into a toxic mode of confusion.  Think positively on the information being studied.  If you go into the study time thinking “I hate this subject, this is boring, I do not get it.” Do yourself a favor and put a positive spin on it or you are wasting your time.  A simple shift, something like, “I will learn to find something interesting in this subject, I will learn to find, enjoy and understand the finer points of this subject.” This little shift will make all the difference in retention.  Lastly, despite all the talk of multitasking,  It does not work so no TV, movies, listening to music, or conversations in the background to divert your attention. These only serve as distractions that will double the time you need for study in order to retain the information, or work efficiently.  Do you want to spend 3 hours studying with the TV on and getting an ok grade and not really enjoying the program?  Making the brain work harder to process information around confusion causes mental fatigue and stress resulting in poor retention.  Or do you want to spend an hour and a half on study and then an hour and a half watching TV, movies, listening to music, or having family and friend time?  This way will get you a better grade, and you will give your brain time to reenergizes with set recreation time decreasing mental fatigue.


    While studying, do not consume heavy, fatty foods,  or foods and drinks high in sugar or processed sweets. These foods dull the mind by diverting all your energy from the brain and studies to the digestive system and having to absorb the junk food overload.    


    Follow these little tips to help lower stress and in doing so increase retention and memory of the information being studied.