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Secrets to a Good  Night Sleep  


    Step 1)  Get  tomorrows list and anything else that can wear on your sleep out of the way 4 hours before bed time.  It is in this time that any kind of caffeine, energy drinks, or sugary sweets is stopped.


    Step 2)  Pick a bed time and a wake up time and stick it.  This helps your body reset so it knows when to prep you for sleep and for waking.  Do not take days to sleep in or stay up late for this will undo your other work and confuse your body.


    Step 3)  An hour before bed turn off the TV, computer, even the news.  Get a cup of decaffeinated tea or warm milk and give yourself permission to relax.  Do not allow thoughts of the stresses of the day behind you or the stress of the day before you to invade this time. There will be a tremendous temptation for you to go back into old ways of being busy until bed time or feeling guilty about relaxing.  DON'T give in.  This time is a prerequisite for sleep and your overall health.  In the hour before bed read a book.  Stay away from romance, action, adventure, and mystery.  You will crave them but avoid them for now as they will be stimulating not relaxing for you.  Studies have shown prayer to be a form of relaxation that can lead to restful sleep, so give that a try.  


    Step 4)  Rid the room of any light source even the red light of a digital clock has been found to keep people awake by reacting with the pineal gland, one of the parts of the brain responsible for our sleep wake cycle.


    Step 5)  Sound has been found to be of help for some and not for others.  If you need sound to facilitate sleep   use sounds of nature or tranquil music in the background  rather than radio or TV to help you sleep.


    Step 6)  Go to sleep with something happy and positive on your mind.  If nothing comes to mind in the moment, keep journals and have a list of positive things you can think on at bed time that will be supportive to relaxing.


          This is a place to start. Give these two weeks before you consider adding exercise to your day and supplements in your diet.  As always check with your primary care physician before making any health changes.  If you would like to talk with someone at Genetics for Success about ways we can help, you can reach us through the contact page.    

This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant to treat or cure.