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     Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievements from ordinary people, guiding them to become greater than average.

   So what is it that some people have poses innately that allows them to overcome the fears, insecurities and trials of life that combat us all. The big secret put simply is their perception of stress. Most who have answered the call and risen up have done so in spite of great hardship that would keep many others stuck. So what is it that these leaders have come to learn, that many who have tried to follow in their footsteps have failed to grasp, along with much of the self-help and counseling communities? They have realized that it is our emotional perceptions of how we perceive stress through emotions that allows us to succeed and lead, or keeps us from achieving and  being in the top 3%.  

    Most techniques or methods of learning to be a good leader in family, in community, in business, in team building and in succeeding in general are all based on behavioral changes and breaking old patterns.  While a change in behavior is a necessary for lasting change, it is like rowing against the current to strong arm change only to eventually tire and fall back into old patterns, as we lick our wounds on the way down. Behavioral change is looking at the picture from the point of view of treating only the symptoms. Merely band aiding the problem and never finding a true cure is what 97% of the population does, causing them to waver and wane from adopting change to a re-embracing of old ways leading to added stress due to a feeling of failure.  This cycle of re-embracing the familiar, yet unproductive, even sabotaging old ways  becomes a slippery slope that at leads to further and further frustration and failure.

    When we look at the emotions as the driving force behind how we learn, we can see a shifting in our physiology to adapt to these emotions. With this shift in our emotional perceptions, we can see a rewriting of neural pathways in the brain leading to behavioral changes that are like rowing with the current. Since we learn through our emotions when we address the way we learned from emotional experiences in our past it is like treating the true cause of the disease. This emotional shift allows balance to prevail freeing up energy and ability.  We start to make good decisions that are the foundation of a good decision maker and leader, and become common place for these new decisions are not made under the cloud of confusion and the numbness to the environment  that stress brings with it. Stress  directs our attention to self and our immediate survival.  When this stress is chronic there is a shifting of our decision making to short term survival as a reward, leading to a shift in values even to selfish gratification, verses making decisions that will lead to long term growth and prosperity.  

   Dr. Dave works with the individuals one on one as well as with teams and organizations  for better productivity group cohesion and ergonomics. Interested in working with us? Please contact us for more information ways we can support you.  

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