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The Hearts Connection to Stress


    We have all heard the word stress. It is more common, and sadly accepted to hear “I'm stressed” in response to a, “How are you?” Rather than a, “I’m  fine or I’m great”. The term stressed-out is common place today. Just because the term is so easily used in today’s language does not mean it is easy on our bodies, hearts or minds.  Stress in chronic states which is commonly seen now is causing many effects leading to poor health.                              


    High stress has been linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress

can raise that nasty stress hormone cortisol that acts like battery acid on our tissues

causing them to age prematurely. In conditions of chronic stress we can see issues

with blood sugar that can lead us to diabetes, and if not brought under control

immune system issues that can lead to autoimmune disorders.


    We find the conventional methods of lowering stress like Relaxation techniques

and Behavioral Conditioning are only effective in the short term because both focus

on the mind and the thoughts, not the emotions and the heart.


   One of the major drawbacks in most relaxation techniques that we see simply have issues calming down and relaxing. Most people that try this technique find that once the time of the session is over the stress is still there and ready to pounce on them with vengeance. So they can’t really relax. In the Behavioral Conditioning methods we see the focus on the processing of thoughts. In this method of stress reduction if we change the thoughts in theory we think the stress out of our minds. For the theory behind Behavioral Conditioning holds that our thoughts produce our emotions. We are finding that this method is proving to be incorrect.


      In both cases Relaxation techniques or Behavioral Conditioning  there is only temporary relief of the stress, because the emotions are not dealt with. In the Heart Model, emotions based in the heart can run deep in the autonomic nervous system. The  Autonomic Nervous System is a system that runs automatically behind the scenes that we are not consciously in control of.  This distribution of the nervous system can have triggers that can set us off that we may not even be consciously aware of.  


    We become then victims of maladaptive neurological conditioning.  In maladaptive neurological conditioning our emotions drive our thoughts attitudes and behaviors and beliefs.