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The Hearts Connection to Stress


   Maladaptive neurological conditioning is why our flesh can rule us and get us into deeper and deeper trouble we are always searching for that short term emotional high to fulfill us. In many situations it is this following of the emotions without heart based wisdom and discernment that has made much or our stress in the first place.  


    The brain is always comparing and reviewing these patterns so it knows how we

react to a given stimulation. For example when we are threatened scarred, angry, or frustrated. The system always wants to keep us stabile, from past present and future.

So if your stress is causing you a lot of anger frustration, and fear your organs and

nervous system is always on alert making that your new normal.


    Our nervous system is not digital and does not work like a digital processor taking in

little bits of information  and ordering them into a program. The brain and nervous

system instead work like an analog processor. Taking in big pictures and then analyzing

all the aspects together. So when an emotion is felt the brain is looking for patters from all the organs, the hearts rhythm, the digestive system state, the hormonal rhythms, and immune system, plus anything else in the surrounding environment that the 5 senses are bringing in just like pilots used to sit in their bombers with the engines running ready for the order to attack during the cold war. The brain will do all it can so the body can think of the stress as familiar. That is why it is called maladaptive neurological conditioning. This heightened state is costly to maintain, and  ultimately will cause us serious issues in our health, and the relationships around us as we become a reactor burning through stages of containment on our way to meltdown.  


    Our hearts have within then a cluster of neurons that act as anther brain. In fact this is where we see our emotions and wisdom really reside as the Bible says. When we get into stress we tend to have forgotten how to let our hearts guide our emotions for our brains are stuck in maladaptive neurological conditioning and want things stable but do not know how to get out of the storm, for the storm is our new normal.


    Now our hearts are also tapped into our autonomic nervous system and can override this whole runaway reaction and bring the system back in balance.  It starts with breathing and then using the heart to retrain our emotions to reset to a new normal.  In doing this we start to see all aspects of our lives getting better from work, to relationships and prayer. For when focusing on the stress and how it consumes us we are teaching  ourselves  to rely on ourselves and not God. When we focus on the heart it takes the focus off self and puts it on God and his power.