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The Hearts Connection in Prayer



    Prayer is an amazing thing. It is a weapon we should use in our daily walk but many of us do not do it effectively.  I remember an elderly women telling me about prayer as a boy.


   “David prayer changes things.” Little did I know at that time what she meant.  I learned later on that this woman of faith had endured great hardship when sent to a Russian work camp in Siberia during WWII.  She was one of the few to come out of the camp alive and for this miracle she gave all credit to God and the power of prayer. When in the camp she worked hard and honored  God in spite of the conditions. In turn God gave her favor with the Russian guards, who put her in charge of a crew building roads for she could do the job better than the Russians engineers, even though she had no formal training on road construction. The guards even showed her the added respect of calling her Mrs. Potz.


     Later on when I was old enough to understand the gravity of this story I asked my grandmother, “what do you think kept you alive where thousands of other died.”


    Her answer, “prayer changes things.” She went on to say, “if I did not have prayer and I did not have scripture memorized in my heart I would not have made it.” Oma ,as we called her, has now gone to be with the lord, never knowing how science and research would come to prove her and so many others of prayer right.


     What has been discovered is that our hearts have a very unique neutral cluster that has many purposes one of which is a very sophisticated radio receiver and transmitter. These specialized neurons are so sensitive they can even detect minuet changes in energy down to the quantum level. Further studies have shown that when we pray these neurons in our heart come alive. When we pray with a pure heart our energy and spirit changes to become a true channel for God to work through, so we can positively affect the things and people we pray for.


    The really exciting thing about prayer is when we come together. Recall in the Bible were

it says when two come together and agree in (Matthew 18:19-20 GW)


    “I can guarantee again that if two of you agree on anything here on earth, my Father

in heaven will accept it.  Where two or three have come together in my name, I am there

among them."